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Every child deserves to feel extra special on their birthday but sadly while we're having to spend our time housebound, children's parties all over the world have had to be cancelled or postponed. To make sure no little one is having to go without celebrating their special day during all of this, we've launched our interactive online birthday parties!


Just like our traditional parties, our entertainers will engage your little one with a personalised party including magic, games, music, puppets and a whole load of silliness! 

The parties take place over our Zoom accounts. If they want to share the party with other friends they too can be sent an "invite" to log in from their homes and join in with the celebrations! We'll make sure before the day that you have all the instructions you need to get set up so we're raring to go on the big day.

A birthday is an incredibly important event in a young child's world and we want to make sure the current climate doesn't get in the way of anyone having a birthday party to remember!

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These are parties that can be tailored exactly to your child's or children's preferences as they are the ONLY ones taking part - it's a private party right in your own home! These are ideal for those who want to celebrate a birthday or event as a family but with a little outside fun where we fully interact with you, from one screen to the other. We wanted to create a package at an affordable price so it didn't necessarily have to be for a special occasion.


If anyone has a child who's been feeling a little down during this period but doesn't have a birthday or a "reason" to celebrate, our 30minute 1-1 parties are the perfect pick me up treat!

Single Screen Parties £35 for 30mins

Very similar to our traditional parties but of course they're online! You can invite your little one's closest friends along for a big virtual bash that will be brimming full of magic, music, games and puppets, all from the comfort of your own home! And there's no need to worry about the catering - there are silver linings to every cloud!

We have various time lengths that will be best suited depending on your child and their guests ages but please feel free to send us an email or give us a ring so we can chat through exactly what you'd like for your first online party!

Multi Screen Parties:
30mins = £50
45mins = £65
60mins = £75
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